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Searching for Destin Hotels Deals is a lot easier then most would expect.  Destin is packed with condos and beach homes but hotels are not as abundant as many would imagine.   In fact there are only two beachfront hotels in Destin. When booking with nationally branded companies calling for a discount can be a little difficult.  Unlike a vacation rental when you call you are not dealing directly with an agent or owner that has much knowledge or discounting power.  The main benefit of going with a hotel over a condo may be the amount of time and stress you can save.  Since we have done the research for you the necessary effort has been greatly reduced.  Destin Hotels allow shorter stays as opposed to private or managed vacation rentals generally look for a solid week in peak times.  With hotels the rates can fluctuate daily and are not generally published as they are with vacation rentals.  In our other categories we are able to offer tips and tricks to get the best rate.  When searching for Destin Hotels Deals all we really need to provide is a little information and some links to the best priced booking sites.  If you are looking to book something today with very little research then a Destin Hotel is the way to go.  In a condo you do get a kitchen and a little more living area but you are going to need to do your homework.  With a Hotel you have come to know and love the brands offered below.  Unlike our other categories the best way to get the most value for your money is to book online and not call in.

Featured Hotel #1:
This hotel one of the only Beachfront Hotels in Destin.  The reason you come to Destin is to go to the beach.  So why not stay on it? The Holiday Inn on the beach is located right in the center of town and it is walking distance from several of the key Destin attractions.  We have stayed here several times in the past few years and we have always had a great experience.  Make sure to request a room with a beach view.  You will not find a better rate than using the link provided.

Featured Hotel #2:  
You are not right on the beach but you are just a few steps away.  Although we have never stayed at this location we have been by it several times and we have talked to several of our friends that have.  If you want to save a few bucks and still be close to the beach and all the attractions then this is the Destin hotel for you.

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