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When searching for the ultimate Destin Vacation Deal rental companies may not be the first option to come to mind. With the right knowledge finding the Destin rental you are looking for could not get any easier then calling one of the Destin Rental Companies highlighted below.  We provide a few tips we have learned over the years on how to shave a few dollars off your bill.  Below that we provide a few links and contact information from several of the Destin rental companies we have personally had success with using these methods.  Our suggestions are not guaranteed to work but with these tips in mind getting the best Destin Vaction Deal just got a lot easier.

Tip #1: Sign up for their e-mail mailing list.  This is as easy as it gets.  Go to any of the sites listed below and submit your e-mail.  Most of the rental companies in Destin are small companies. When they need to get vacation rentals filled the first thing they do is tap into their e-mail database and send discount to repeat guests.  Being they are small companies they do not sell or trade your e-mail so there is no need to worry about unwanted messages.

Tip #2: Search their Destin specials. Every Destin Rental company has a specials page and most people often overlook them.  If you are searching for the best Destin Vacation Deal all you have to do is open your eyes.  You can see right on their web sites that they are trying to fill that particular vacation rental. If that rental is something that may work for you than give them a call.  If the rental is slightly out or your price range even with the special tell them that and see what they can do.  They are having trouble filling these units and will be more likely to work with you.

Tip #3 : Book closer to your vacation.  Vacation rentals companies work in the opposite way as airline companies.  The closer you book your reservation to the time of your arrival the more likely Destin Rental Companies are to discount the rates.  Destin Rental Companies do not make any money unless the property is booked.  They get more eager to fill a unit the closer it gets to arrival  Anywhere from 30-45 days out is an ideal time to book a Destin vacation rental.  If you can plan a vacation at even shorter notice than that a discounted rate is almost guaranteed.  You do not have the same selection as booking in advance but you will definitely get the best Destin Vacation Deal.

Tip #4: Shop around.  There are only a handful of quality rental companies in Destin.  They all know each other as well.  Do not be afraid to call more than one company.  When you are talking to the vacation planner be sure to mention what you have found with their competitor.  The Destin Rental market is extremely competitive.  They will be more willing to give you a bigger discount to earn your business as opposed to letting you go to their competitor. The idea is to get you in the door so you come back every year and stay with them every year.

Tip #5: Tell them your budget.  Destin Rental agents are generally not commission and if they are it is a very small amount.  They are not going to try and up sell you.  All they want to do is get you booked into a vacation rental.  The agent or vacation planner knows their properties much better than you.  Have them work for you.  Give the agent general guidelines and tell them what you want to spend.  If they don't laugh then you have requested something that may be possible.  A neat trick we have learned is to ask them if they are in Destin personally.  If they say NO and are at a call center then hang up and try another Destin rental company.  If they do not know their product other than what you can find online than you are wasting your time.  That means they will not have the power to discount the rates as well.

Tip #6: Be polite.  The search for a Destin Vacation Deal can be exhausting at times.  Keep in mind the people you are talking to are dealing with a ton of other callers all day long.  They also are the gate keepers to the discounts. The average vacation planner has a little wiggle room.  Instead of demanding a discount be polite and keep in mind they are people too.  If you treat them right and use the tips listed above than achieving your goal of finding a great Destin Vacation Deal will be easily conquered.

Below are the Destin Rental Companies we have used in the past and we can personally recommend them based off our experience.  These are also the companies we have used the tips above to save money and find that Destin Vacation Deal.

Resort Quest (1.888.909.6807): We chose to start with this company because it is the largest in the area.  This is the only national company we mention in this section.  Resort Quest has several thousand units in the Destin area.  We have not had much luck in dealing with them as far as discounts go.  It appears they have a call center to do all their bookings and the staff seemed to be reading from a script.  They are also generally the highest priced company when you deal with them directly.  That being said you can locate discounts for this company on many national sites like .  If they have the unit you are looking for be ready to do some digging.

Ocean Reef Resorts (1.800.782.8736): This Destin Company seems to pride itself on being the longest established company in the area.  They also seem to have the largest selection of vacation homes in Destin.  They do have a few condos and generally their rates are below average but homes seem to be their strong point. If you are searching for a Destin Vacation Home we suggest giving them a call.  We have been able to achieve discounts with this company fairly easily without a manager getting involved.  We have stayed with this Destin company several times and our expectations are always met or surpassed.

Southern Resorts (1.800.406.5714): This is another locally owned company that we have used in the past.  The staff always seems friendly and easy to deal with.  Southern Resorts seems to have a strong condo list and a few homes to choose from as well.  We have received discount with them using their specials page.  We also have received a break in the rate over the phone.  It did require a manager’s approval though.  Overall we think this is a good Destin rental company in your search for that Destin Vacation Deal.

Newman Dailey (1.800.225.7652): Newman Dailey is another Destin Rental Company we have had success with in the past.  Newman Dailey seems to offer a decent selection of condos and a few nice beach homes as well.  The service is generally good but at times can seem a little inconsistent.  We definitely recommend getting on their e-mail list and trying our some of the above tips on your search.